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Best football boots for Astroturf

 Football is a sport which is played on grass or on a TRUF. Playing on a grass versus playing on a turf are two different things, hence the player requires two different shoes or boots to play with respective to their grounds whether the game is to be played on a grass or on a turf. It becomes difficult for the player to play for the player to play with stuts on the turf as they are made to be played on grass and vice versa.

The boots that are required for playing on the turf may be called as boots by the people, but it is more appropriate to call them astro turf trainers as they have moulded soles are designed to grip onto the short turf surface. If you are in search of the best football boots for Astroturf, then we hope your search comes to an end here. In this article we will be listing the best football boots and trainers for Astroturf.

Playing on the astro turf has its own advantages that are, your kit doesn’t get too dirty into the mud, and the player feels that they are faster on the turf surface. The astro turf boots are an essential shoe for a person who is planning to play on the turf.  The sole of these shoes are made to give a better performance on the harder ground like the turf unlike the studs which are made to make a good grip on the grass while running. There are few multinational brands that the football community trusts when it comes to shoes for playing football may it be on the grass or on the turf. The brands are PUMA, ADIDAS, NIKE. 


                                                                                                                                        Nike tried to make sure that the phantom venom football boots are optimal for the striker, the phantom venom takes the DNA form the hypervenom 1 and t90 laser IV, incorporating strike fins and a textured forefoot to give you the ultimate grip and swerve on the football when you shoot. The boots just adjust to the shape of your foot maintaining its stretchy tightness. The best part about the phantom venom is the way it just fits into your foot. The laces are easily adjustable which means it will fit to almost everyone even to the monster size feet. The boot has a flyknit upper for a comfort with flywire cables to keep your foot locked in and ensure a responsive and agile sensation.

Adidas Nemeziz 19.3 laceles.

                                                     These shoes were the slip on effort made by the adidas for the Astroturf football shoes. The new nemeziz 19.3 laceless is manufactured with a new tensiontape upper construction, a  split outsole and is engineered to help you be more agile on the football pitch.

The laceless concept of the boot does make it flaunt in a lot o ways. This is a takedown model.

The rear of the boot has a internal plastic heel corner. The sole of the laceless is a strong and provides flexibility on the forefoot. The sole of the laceless shoe feel of decent quality above average. It is also not excessively heavy. The shape of the shoes is definitely good, it does a lot better than the previous generations. They might not be a good choice for some person with wide foot on the other hand they will fit to normal foot. It is not that incredible but it does function for a pair of shoe for football.

Nike mercurial superfly 7 club tf football boots.-

                                                                                        It is the most stylish nike superfly amongst the other superflies, it has the ankle cover. The main reasons to avoid buying the sneakers is because the shoes has the heavier sole than the other main boots of the nike superfly. Also the shoes are not customizable unlike the other superfly boots of the nike. The nike’s mercurial superfly range is especially manufactured for the speedsters alike.  The sole of astro version of nike superfly 7 is much heavier. But if you are looking for something lighter in weight than these may disappoint you.  A person can avoid the flaws in the shoes which are the sole of the shoe is lighter in weight, but a person can consider buying these as they are a considered a top pair of boots and also they look fantastic when you play on the astro while wearing them.\

Adidas  X 19.4 tf footballs boots.- these are a good quality durable pair of boots . these have a little bit of sturdy look from the outside. Also the shoes are comfortable in wearing and they are also comfortable in playing them on astro turf. The shoes has the side lacing for putting your foot through the ball. Also the side lacing makes it look more attractive from the outside. The sole of the shoe has a quite intresting color combination. The shoe is fully waterproof as like the other football shoe. The shoe is considered best for the attacker as well as the defender position.

Puma future 4.4 mg football boots.- the Astros made by the puma has a great grip and traction on the astro turf surface. The shoes gives us a modern, latest feel. The shoe fits easily to a normal person playing football. The shoe has a design on it. Which makes it kind of unique. They five a futuristic look from the outside. Puma isn’t preferred much by the football players as they are more likely to buy shoes from the adidas nor nike brand. They give a modern and sleek look. They are also good at performance.  

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