Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Maintaining our physical health has became a priority for most of the individuals after the pandemic. People are more concerned for their health. Be it youth, or old age beings, the craze for maintaining personal health has gone on a another level. Some have started going to the gym while some are practicing the workouts at home. Generally fitness enthusiast target 6 muscle groups which are chest, legs, biceps, back , triceps , shoulder.

The proper workout and growth of each muscle group is equally important in order to get a healthy and a attractive physique. Due to excess information available on the internet, people tend to get confuse about which exercises to be followed so that no muscle group is left behind. In this article we will be discussing 10 workouts which ensures the growth of each muscle group.

Military pushups-

                                  Pushups are considered as the most basic and most effective ones for different muscle groups of the body. The pushups will target your whole [ upper, middle, lower] ches, deltoids, triceps , core , also the upper and lower back. Pushups are done as a warm up exercise before a doing a physical task in the armies as they activate all the above mentioned muscle groups. Pushups are also performed by the bodybuilders before posing in a body building competition [ Mr. Olympia].

       For starting a pushup you need to get into a pushup position with your arms straight out and your body flat fully upright. By getting into a plank position. Your palm should align with your chest when you are in a plank position on your hands. To start you need to go down by folding your elbows and putting the pressure on your arms. The elbows should go flat across your back. After getting down you should push your body against the floor which will result into you getting back to your start position. That will count as your 1 pushup. A person can do 15 pushups for a set, and he should do 3 sets.

Squats – squats are the exercise to target your leg muscles. Basically the leg muscle of the human being is divided into 4 parts and there are three different types of exercises for each part of the leg. The 4 parts are defined as Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes, Calves.  Basically squats is done to target each of these muscles. Performing squat is like a piece of cake for most of the beginners. In order to perform squat you should stand straight with your feet with half metre distance ,squeeze your stomach muscle,  then you should go down, as if you are sitting on an invisible chair. Then push the ground with the help of your leg in order to get into the standing [ starting] position. That’s how the squats are performed. The different muscle groups can be targeted by changing the position of your feet.

Lunges- lunges are the exercises performed to strengthen the leg muscles and for a functional movement of the leg. They are considered best for increasing the strength in your glutes. Lunges are basically performed for the glutes in the leg. The steps to do glutes is- stand straight with your feet wide apart as your  shoulder length. Then take a step forward with your one leg [ either left or right] and bend your knee of that particular knee which you’ve taken forward. Your thighs of that leg should be parallel to the ground. Your other knee should also bend along with the previous knee. After bending down, the person should return to the standing position by pushing the ground with the foot [ on which the first step was taken] .

Overhead shoulder press- as you can guess from the name the exercise is performed to target the shoulder part of the body. In this exercise you will be needing a dumbbell of 2.5 kg or maybe heavier than this as per your choice. It also covers the upper back, the core, and the triceps part of your body. Stand straight with your feet joint or a little apart. Hold the dumbbells with your hand and lift your arm up so that the upper portion of your arm [ from the shoulder joint to the elbows] is parallel to the floor. Then by tightening the core push your dumbbell upwards till they are fully extended above your head, your arms should be in straight position but in upward direction.  Bring back your arms below in the starting position where your upper arm is parallel to the groun. Perform 3 sets of 12 repetition each for better results.

Dumbbell back fly.- this is another exercise which involves a compound weight movement. To do a dumbbell back fly you should stand in a bending [ forward]  posture forming a 90 degree angle on your back with dumbbell in your hand your face facing the ground. You should lift the dumbbells widely across to your length of shoulder. And return them to the same starting position. It is considered best for the upper and lower back of the body.

Planks- planks are done to strengthen the core of your body the abdominal part of the body. Basically these are performed to target the abdominal muscles of the body. To start this exercise you should be able to be in a position similar to a push up, on your lower arm [ from your elbow to your wrist]. The person should be able to hold the position for as long as they can,[ approximately 30 secs].

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