Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Upcoming trends in fitness industry.

 The life on every human being present on the earth was affected due to the outbreak of corona virus. Similar happened with the different industries like the entertainment industry,  media industry, tourism industry, textile industry , restaurants, as well the fitness industry. The all industries were made to shut down more than a year, to curb the epidemic. During the lockdown imposed by the national government the people are advised to stay home for their safety and also for the safety of others. Due to this the people are forced to stay at home, which makes them to sit on the couch all day. But, that doesn’t mean that they cant remain active in their houses. The fitness industry has transformed itself by including some new trends and techniques these are online training, workout at home,  also opposite of indoor workouts,  emphasis on mental fitness, and maximizing their output from a workout. In this article below we will be discussing about the transformation that has taken place in the fitness industry for the new 2021.

Online training sessions-

                                             During the lockdown when the gyms were made to shut down, fitness freaks tried new ways to keep them fit. They tried doing some exercise at home. The trainers started giving virtual session to their clients. Online training sessions became effective in the lockdown as the crowd have to perform the exercise in their very own comfort place at their own house.

But at first it was also neglected by many fitness enthusiast as when you do workouts involving heavy weights you need someone to monitor you and also someone to correct your form cause you cannot do that alone you need fitness expert for doing that. Later when the lockdown continued further, people were convinced to follow the online training sessions.

In the online training sessions a expert guides you on a live sessions or on a video call , while being at his own comfort zone and you too are at your own comfort place by following a online training session. Many fitness experts states that this is the best trend in the fitness industry till now.

Because of this both the trainer and the person being trained can give their best beyond the barriers and also they can perform beyond  the geographical boundaries. Even after the epidemic has ended people are more diverted to the online training sessions as there is no time deadline available, the trainees can watch the sessions according to their timetable and also at their own comfort space. Trainers like sahil khan from the entertainment has their virtual training sessions still going on even after the lockdown has ended and people are joining it with a great enthusiasm.

Workout at home-

                                  like the work from home introduced by many corporate companies that enables the employees of the company to work form their own comfort zone that is from their home. The fitness industry also adapted this trend in the lockdown and which is still going on and it is likely to be continued in the near future. The workout from home enables the fitness freaks to work out from their home by including some equipments, which can help a lot during training at home, the equipments are- dumbbells, barbell rods, resistance bands, etc.

The trend of working out from home has gained pace due to the pandemic. Before the pandemic rarely anyone used to buy equipments to keep them at home for a quick small workout sessions, but during the pandemic the sale of these equipments has gone up, the reason being is the trainers are convincing their audience to buy these small equipments for their home which will help them a lot in the excercises. And the trend for workout at home will go on increasing in the near future as the crowd has hectic day schedule due to which they will prefer to workout at home.

Working out form outside.-

                                                 As the lockdown increased the craze of working out from home it also bored the people  to keeping corking out in a compact small spaces be it the gym or their home. Some people started trying out the outdoor gyms which gives you a six feet distance from the other fellow trainee also gives you a privilege to feel the outside environment while working out in the open outside world. It also has a huge space which enables the trainers to perform various functional workouts easily, like the lunges,  and also some cardio workouts like cycling and running. The cycling can be done on a cycle while enjoying the fresh breeze on your face and it becomes more interesting when a person cycles in the open environment in the fresh natural air. Also people are tired of running on a trade mill, therefore the trade mills can be replaced by jogging or running tracks.

Mental fitness-

                             After the lockdown the people are more concerned about their health, be it their physical health or their mental health. Some fitness experts have also started providing sessions for the mental health which includes stages and forms of meditation to keep your mind calm and healthy. Different form of meditations and yoga are being performed and are being teached by the fitness experts in order to  spread the awareness of mental health. Also the people are more likely to diverted towards their mental and physical health after the lockdown.

Maximizing output from the workouts-

                                                                       People are seen to be more concerned about their health which have resulted in providing a pace to the fitness industry. Lets face it, before the pandemic the gym were more of a place for socializing instead of what gyms are actually constructed for [ working out]. But after the pandemic has over the people are trying hard to maximize their output from the  particular exercises they are performing. People are trying to value their time more in the gym , in the workouts they are performing. Which is resulting in a productive working environment. 

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