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5 Recruiting Tips for Hiring Great Employees For Business

 So finding good employees can be difficult, and recruiting to find those employees that you need to be successful can be tough and challenging. So let's break down seven tips on how you can recruit great employees. 

5 Recruiting Tips for Hiring Great Employees For Business

1:  With recruiting employees you need a great culture

I think it all starts there. That's gotta be the foundation. What does your culture look like, how does it feel, what does it sound like, what does it look like. 

Go through that thought process. If you don't have a culture established and you're not quite sure, maybe take a look on Glassdoor. Find some companies that can inspire you. What do you wanna be like when you grow up as a company? And if you do have an established culture, then you need to really leverage that so that you can have people stay with you longer and refer their friends and everything else and people that don't work for you wanna work for you. 

2. Build an apply page on your website

Have a lot of content about your company and about your culture. Have some videos. Videos are so powerful. If you have videos of your team talking about why they like working there, what they do on a daily basis, and you just show the environment and the culture and have that passion and excitement there, people are gonna wanna be a part of that. 


In addition to that, you can list the jobs that you have, the company, some job descriptions, some of those sorts of things. And then an application form. Really make your application page your landing page for recruiting employees that you can send them to that page and it stands out.

 Look at your competitors and look at their application page and just make sure yours is better. Or other businesses in your area. Look at their application page and you will be the best. That way when people are job hunting, they find your site, they look at your application page and they get pumped about working for you guys. 

3: Build your social presence

Build your social presence, particularly in your local community. So be active on social media, on Instagram, on Facebook. Really build your presence there. Highlight your culture, highlight the things you're doing on a daily basis. Give shout outs of your team. 

Help the community see that it's a great place to work. Get them excited about that. LinkedIn is really powerful too. LinkedIn, you can extend out of your local community and even target people outside of that that might wanna move and work for you by targeting their job description or those sorts of things, their industry. You can really reach out that way on LinkedIn, but build your presence on social media so that you build this perception of what it's like to work for you that is in your favor to attract people to want to work for you. 

People that aren't looking and find you and wanna work for you are generally better employees. Those are who you want. People on job boards and those sorts of things, which is the other 25% are actively looking for something. Those might not be the best fit. What you want is somebody in the local community that really starts to follow you and get excited about being a part of your brand. 

To say, hey, you know what, I wanna be a part of that. They don't even go to a job board, they just go to your website. Link to your apply page, you can just put a post on social media when you have a new opening with a link to your apply page. They go there, you apply, and now you got a good candidate you recruited. 

4:  Get your business listed on Glassdoor

 If it's not already. Treat Glassdoor like your business' culture micro site. Completely populate it with pictures and videos and awards you've won and a good description of your company. So that it really is a great resource you can direct people to to learn about your team and your culture. And then a really powerful piece about Glassdoor is obviously the reviews. 

So make sure you have your team leave their feedback on Glassdoor and rate your business. Maybe at the annual reviews as you're doing these things with the employees, you can ask them, hey, if you haven't left a review on Glassdoor, I'd really appreciate it if you did. We'd love your feedback. 

So that you're proactively building your profile. The key here is a lot of people nowadays before they apply, they check your business' reputation and they do that by going to Glassdoor. So if you have a good strong presence on Glassdoor, you're gonna confirm that you're a great place to work and you're gonna capture better recruits and better candidates. 

Here's the deal though, Glassdoor can be very powerful or it can hurt you if your culture's bad. 

So check these points:-

  •  Having a great culture is so important because that's gonna allow you to build a very strong Glassdoor presence. 

  • Make sure to respond to all reviews, good and bad. The bad reviews can actually be the best reviews in many cases because it can allow you to clarify things where maybe there was confusion. That way a recruit can come in and see "oh okay, I see both perspectives, that makes sense", and they can make a good decision. 

Ultimately, you attract the person that you're looking for.

5:  Have your team ask for referrals or send you referrals

 Nobody wants to refer to somebody, they don't think is gonna be a good fit and do a great job. So you're already ahead of the curve if most of your applicants are referred by existing people on your team. The other thing is your team likes to work with like minded people. And they're generally gonna refer to like minded people. 

Essentially your company just becomes a network of friends and family basically, which is gonna go that extra mile when times get tough. This is so valuable, but here again, if you don't have a strong culture and a strong core there, you're probably not gonna get a lot of referrals. But in an ideal world, every new recruit that you bring onboard was referred by somebody on your team. They already passed the first test.

So that's it. Hopefully these tips were really helpful to help you recruit the best talent.

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