Friday, 25 February 2022

Good news for air travelers! Payments platform for airlinesPaired Stanchart, IATA

 Mumbai: Global banking group StanChart has recently partnered with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to launch a payment platform for the domestic aviation industry. As part of this, IATA will open up new types of instant payments through Pay, in addition to existing credit card options.

Airlines will be able to make payments with UPI Scan, Pay, UPI Collect, etc. through this platform. This type of service is already available in European markets. UPI, a domestic scheme of real-time payments, has announced that it will allow customers to make timely purchases of air tickets from their bank accounts. The IATA will support the launch of these services in other markets once the platform is launched domestically, Stanchart said.


Who is the Invisible Yogi? CBI arrests Anand Subramaniam

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has arrested Anand Subramanian, a key player in the Colocation scandal involving the National Stock Exchange. He was arrested by CBI officials on Friday morning.

Anand Subramanian has worked as an advisor to Chitra Ramakrishna, MD of NSE, one of the largest stock exchanges in the country. During this time the two were accused of leaking crucial information in violation of the rules. The case has already been registered in Delhi.

Chitra Ramakrishna was recently questioned by CBI officials in connection with the case and several pictorial aspects came to light. Chitra Ramakrishnan's claim that he had to 'do so' on the instructions of an invisible yogi led to a nationwide debate. Who is the real Invisible Yogi has now become a hot topic.

At this moment Anand Subramanian was arrested. The CBI investigation is expected to reveal key information about the person who went missing in the scandal


Tata has key talks with Boeing and Airbus. This is the reason

Tata owns Air India almost seventy years later. The Tata Group is currently in the process of modernizing the aviation sector to suit the current situation.

Tata recently acquired Air India from the government. There are about 150 flights to Air India, all small and large in this order. However, most of these planes are obsolete. For maintenance and modification of these Rs. It is estimated to cost up to Rs 7,500. According to a Blueberg article, Tata is interested in buying new aircraft to keep pace with the current trend.

Boeing and Airbus are world-renowned aircraft manufacturers. Boeing in particular is synonymous with heavy aircraft. With this, Tata representatives are in talks with the two companies on the manufacture of new aircraft, their requirements and so on. If these are successful, official information from Tata is likely to come.

Creepy bumper !! Amazon Sale with 60% Discount!

Leading e-commerce giant Amazon has announced huge discounts on smartphones, smart TVs and accessories. As part of this, it has launched the Fab Phones Fest and Fab TV Fest Sale. Samsung, VinePlus, IQ, Real will offer you and other brands at low prices at eSail, which runs from February 25th to February 28th. You can get a discount of up to Rs.1000 if you use Amazon and HDFC credit cards during this sale. Offers up to 24 months no cost EMI on selected products.

Smartphone Deals

The IQ Z5 will be priced at Rs 20,990 while the IQ Z3 will be priced at Rs 17,990 during the Amazon Fabfones Fest and Fab TV Fest Sale. It offers a discount of around Rs 3,000 on the prices of these two phones. You can get Rs 10,999 with a Rs 500 discount while the Real Me Norzo 50A is priced at Rs 11,599.

The Samsung Galaxy M12 is priced at Rs 11,499 and can be had for Rs 9,499 with a Rs 2,000 discount.

The Oppo A15S is priced at Rs 13,9990 and can be had for Rs 9,990.

Apart from these, One Plus 9 Series buyers can avail discounts up to Rs 8,000 using ICICI Bank Card. Amazon has announced that you can get the latest VinePlus 9RT for Rs 4,000 and the One Nord CE2 5G phone with a Rs 1,500 discount on ICICI Credit Cards. During the sale, Amazon offers discounts of up to 60 percent on power banks, headphones, and other products. Big discounts on smart TVs, offers EMI facilities. Samsung Frame QLED TV with ICICI Bank Cards with Rs.5000 cashback, additional Rs. Available at 1750 discount.

Alert for LIC policyholders .. that opportunity is only another 3 days!

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), the largest insurance company in the country, is all set to go IPO soon. LIC has already filed a draft Red Herring prospectus. Central Government. 31.6 crore shares will be brought into the market through IPO. However, in this LIC IPO, policyholders will get a 10 per cent quota on the offer size. This means that LIC policyholders can apply for this IPO within the policyholder quota. They will also get a discount on the issue price. The employee quota, on the other hand, will be 5 per cent.

However, LIC has previously indicated that these LIC policyholders must link their PAN card to the policy in order to apply for the IPO within the policyholder quota. The process is expected to be completed by February 28. Bloomberg has previously reported that the shares of this state-owned insurance company could cost between Rs 2,000 and Rs 2,100 each. LIC, the country's largest insurance company, has filed draft documents with market regulator Sebi. The Indian government is looking to raise about $ 8 billion by selling 5% of its 100 per cent stake.



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