Sunday, 27 February 2022

Russia's lethal home in Ukraine, YouTube has made a crucial decision

 YouTube has made a crucial decision in the wake of Russia's deadly home invasion of Ukraine. Announces ban on YouTube-based Russian media advertisements

A YouTube spokesman confirmed on Saturday that Russia-owned media outlets Russia Today- (RT) and other Russian YouTube accounts had been suspended. YouTube said the dismissal was in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin's permission for a full - scale attack on Ukraine on Thursday.

YouTube has released a report saying it is removing videos that violate YouTube's privacy policy against fraudulent practices already in Russia. We are taking a number of steps in the wake of the extraordinary situation in Ukraine. The report states that due to the recent sanctions, many money-making channels on YouTube, including the Russian channel, have been banned.

Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook's head of security policy, tweeted that the Russian media was blocking revenue streams with Facebook (meta). Now it has become interesting for YouTube to make a key decision on the meta path. But will this decision last forever in Russia? Or a temporary ban? It remains to be seen.

Elon Musk: The war in Ukraine, Elon Musk standing idly

Elon Musk responded to Fedorov's tweet by Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail in the wake of the Russian attack. Russia tries to invade Ukraine while you are experimenting with rockets on Mars! Russian rockets attack Ukrainian civilians while your rockets are successfully landing in space! During this time he tweeted that Starlink stations with the potential to effectively repel Russian troops should be activated. This means that Ukraine has the ability to check Russia with the help of Starlink stations, the tweet said.

Within hours of Fedorov's tweet, Elaine Musk responded to the tweet. "StarLink services are active in Ukraine," Elaine Ripley said. He also said that StarLink services will be available at more terminals.

Satellite Internet is key

Satellite internet has become crucial in Ukraine in the wake of the Russian invasion. Life there was completely paralyzed by a series of bombings by Russian troops. The Ukrainian government and its citizens have relied on satellite Internet since the communications system came to a standstill. Russia, on the other hand, is trying to capture Ukraine with attacks. The Ukrainian people are retaliating against the Russian army while hiding in bunkers to save their lives. They are challenging the fact that their country is not going to fall into the hands of the foreign rulers even though they are bleeding with the wounds sustained in the war.

What are the Indians saying about the Russia-Ukraine war and the rising cost of living!

Last year, petrol and diesel prices in the major cities of the country were at a record low of Rs 100 to Rs 110. Diesel prices went up between Rs 90 and Rs 100. The Center has announced that it will reduce excise duty on petrol and diesel, following criticism from motorists.

How much do people spend on rising prices? Rising prices, with a nominal income, will have an impact on the way people live their lives. Local circles have been trying to find out how ordinary people are spending on rising crude oil prices due to the Ukraine-Russia dispute. The survey was conducted among citizens from more than 361 districts of the country. 66 percent men and 34 percent women 27 thousand people responded to the survey.

Individuals from both families believe that their earnings will decline this year based on the opinion of people surveyed. Thirty-five percent said incomes would remain the same, while four percent said their incomes would increase.

One household member in every two families believes that saving 2022 will be very difficult. Only 11 percent of families believe it will grow. Six percent said families would grow by 25 percent or more. Overall, one in two households believe their savings will decline in 2022, while only 11 percent believe it will increase.

Forty-two per cent of Indian households surveyed said they could not stand a further rise in petrol and diesel prices. 24 percent of these families said they had already reduced their discretionary expenses. Only 22 percent of households said they could "tolerate short-term growth," nine percent said "up to 20 percent", seven percent "up to 10 percent" and 16 percent "up to 5 percent."

According to local circles, the income and savings of Indians will decline this year due to the covid effect and uncertainty between Ukraine and Russia.

Russia Ukraine War: Rising smartphone, electric car prices ?

Smartphones And Laptops Become More Expensive: The Russia-Ukraine war will have an impact on trade with other countries. Economists predict that prices of electronic products, smartphones, electric cars and laptops will rise sharply, along with oil and everyday prices. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming.

There will be a severe shortage of chipsets, especially for smartphones. Because? According to reports, Ukraine produces 90 percent of the US semiconductor grade neon and Russia 35 percent of the rare metal palladium used to make semiconductors. With the availability of the most expensive palladium metal in Russia .. there is a possibility that Russia will increase the price of palladium due to the war.

Russia accounts for 45% of global chipset supplies. The supply of neon and palladium from Ukraine and Russia will have a profound effect on the semiconductor business. Japanese companies are expressing concern over the same. The Japanese chip maker said that the supply of these products was already low and that the war would lead to further crisis under these circumstances.

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