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What are Basic factors that need to consider the establishment of business?

The businesses have limited resources employed for achieving certain objects in starting. The success of the business is depending upon the intelligence of the entrepreneurs or the type of business as well. The entrepreneur needs to identify upcoming challenges and find the solution and overcome them.

The competition in the market is continuously increasing making it very difficult for an entrepreneur to survive in business. Competition is also depending on the business. Some businesses have more completion while others have less for example drugs business, pharmaceuticals, and many more are less completive. The location also contributes to the success of the business. Other beginning challenges of business also include requirements employers, attracting customers, pieces of equipment, financial needs, and many more. The complexity is depending on the size of the business. The bigger the business bigger the complexity! Here in this guide, the following factors need to consider instating of business.

The top ten factors need to be considered in the establishment of business 

Following are basic factors which must be considered by anybody who establishment of the business. 

Choosing the business idea

This is the first factors we need to consider in starting of business. For the identity for a business idea we need to analyze the market, the demand of the audience, While identifying the idea of business we need to consider government guidelines regarding business lines. One should choose the business according to their personal interest and product. We can consider issues faced by the people and make their issues into the business.

Size of business 

The scale of the business is also another important decision in the starting of a business. Some entrepreneurs have confidence that the product demand will be high over time. These types of businesses became large over the period. If somebody has an adequate amount of capital, we can start a large size of business as well. The size of the business also depends on the market risk. In case the market is uncertain, the risk is high, but the demand is light to increase future then small scale business is more appropriate. 

Choice of ownership  

There are several types of ownership including sole prop writer, partnership, and Joint Stock Company. It will depend on the business. Every type of ownership has its own porn and corn. The ownership also depends on several other factors including capital requirement, the liability of founders, profit division, interest transferability, and many more 

Location of business

The location also plays a vital role in the business's success. The location depends on the nature of the business. We need to consider some points while selecting location like availability of raw material, labor, banking services, power supply, transport, storage, and many more. Business location is a potential factor in fascinating large customers. 


Finance is the primary requirement for business. The use of the capital fund is not limited to the establishment of the business but is also required for the operation of the business. Funds are required for acquiring fixed assets including machinery, plants, building, and current assets as well. There are several resources are available for raising funds including loans from the banks, using personal capital, stakeholders, and many more. After getting funds done, the next step should be designing of financial strategy in order for efficient use of resources. 

Physical facilities

Every Business requires a few physical facilities in starting of business like machinery, building, and any other supporting systems. The requirement of fixed assets depends on the nature and size of the business. Physical facilities also rely on the size of production quantity.

Business layout

The business layout should be in accordance with government policy if any. While designing the business layout, the entrepreneur should consider the planning for the installation of fixed assets. The main focus of business layout helps to ease the production. 

Competitive and committed workforce

Business needs potential competitive and committed employees to perform numerous activities for transforming physical and financial resources into desirable output. Since only one cannot achieve anything, there is a need for a potential team. Proper training planning for skill or unskilled employees and push them for their best performance.   

Tax planning

Tax planning is very important for every business because nowadays there are numerous reforms in tax laws. There are several amendments in tax rates and complexity in tax. The founder needs to understand the tax policy regarding his business as per region. The tax also impacts the business decision.

Launching the business       

After considering all the mentioned factors, the founder needs to keep in mind when he launching his business in the market. The founder needs to know about the legal procedure.

Uses of advanced technology

In modern times, technology plays a crucial role in every business. There are several advantages of Technology like removing paperwork, easy communication, boosting marketing, and many more. Technology gives the opportunity to work from remote areas. Technology allows working faster and more efficiently as well.        









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