Sunday, 13 February 2022

What can you do to grow your business?

 There is a formula for this, for which you have to ask yourself what you can do to grow your business. I am going to talk about the same today, so let's get to know about an approximate side of trading first. which is very important to do work at which you get a chance to grow at the right scale, many times entrepreneurs will say i want to start my business right off the bat and they put so much time and emphasis on scalability business, it goes out of business. It happens because they are short of money.

 They don't have the money right now and they don't even have the scale of the business opportunity before scalability comes, you can spend five to ten percent of your brain thinking how to scale, but you need 90% percent of your effort to be invested in the estimated production. Income stream even if it is 10 20 30 $40,000. Which is bringing you a living and don't have to worry about expenses. Ask myself how I can grow. So that you are working in the business, increasing the sales in it, so that you can make money, now having some support is helping the business to grow the business, what are you thinking.

Is the most unreliable product the reason for the explosion in business?

How do we do that? We talk about things that people will often tell me and say that the reason our business explodes is because we have the most incredible product in the world. We have the most incredible product in the world. Our product is going to blow product rule number one, the best products don't always win, I have read a lot and read a few books and I would say this was an incredible book.

 But it was terrible because it was not a good scalable marketing planet location, there are some books I will read. A new book that just came out and it is one of the books that the magazine recommended as the best bookstore. I said no I didn't learn anything from this book. It's something that has been updated from 20 blogs now that they put it in a book but because they have a platform and read the book very well So their product looks better than anyone else's.

 Who can have a great product but has terrible scalability so the product is not needed, takes you to the next level, the other thing is personality, there are a lot of people. Which is based on their personality and their business based on their personality just think of it this way. What Happens If You Die Or You Don't Exist Your Business If You Die The Business Dies If A Business Is 100% Based On Your Personality. which is not a scalable business and if so then you are not living the life the more the business grows the more it sucks because it is 100% dependent on your personality what allows you to scale what you allow scaling give.

If trading is built on a system then the foundation must be a system: 

If a business is built on a system then the foundation has to be a system. which produces results with that product. What you haven't done based on your personality has to be number three if it's number one then number two number three is a great system a great system you put together a good product and a decent personality a great ten will do the product many times better than

  A good personality cannot scale it to the scale of a civilized system. You can still make good money with great products. But if you don't have a system you're not going to scale it, you have to make sure your system is driving your business, so the system can tell you step two three that one comes first. Let's look at it then it goes to this then it goes to three and they buy and if they buy they have the option to upgrade. They have the option to upsell. They have the option to do so. But it is a streamlined system that takes your business to the next level.

How important is a system for business?

You need a great system Here's what you need with a great system Popovich has a system. But Popovich runs the system so you'll see some people who have similar systems in some other business. But they don't measure the business, because they are not the driver, they are thinking that the system will grow their business automatically.

That's not going to happen, there's always going to be a need for a driver that Phil Jackson only works with the Lakers and Bulls as he drives it. Well Popovich works. Because he drives it, the New England Patriots keep winning because they have a system that works. But this is a driver who has no personality. Belichick is not a person with personality. His product is football. His product is an athlete. He knows how to choose the best product, but he doesn't necessarily have the best talent of all time, but he knows how to run. He knows how to run it, so you have to take care of your system by asking yourself how good it is. Your own system is based on how based your business is and how you will run it. You will usually see a flaw in one of these or you rely too much on becoming an expert in products and methods.

What can you do to leverage your team?

Your mentor knows what you can do to take advantage of someone you love. It's going to help you grow the business, not someone just throwing money away or you don't get hired aggressively all the time. You are working very slowly, you are firing very fast. But you are only thinking about what position I can put myself in to help me take advantage of the business. So that I can take it to a completely different level and if you do those things it's not at all. the area you have to go back and see

 Ask yourself if I am more of a product person. Am I more personable / Do I run my business on a system basis? You know I am working on this most of the time and then ask yourself how good are you in these five areas and then slowly but surely ask yourself what stage of this business you are in and yourself Start asking how do I want to scale up and slowly but surely you will get better at that. Then all of a sudden you'll double - when you start having some measurable bevels it should be double the minimum for your business to grow.

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