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Meaning and significance of the employee’s motivation


Motivation refers to a plan of the managerial process that stimulates people to work to the best of their capabilities by providing them with motives, which are based on their unfulfilled desires. Motivation plays a vital role for achieve anything. Behind every human action, there is a motive. Therefore, management must provide motives to people to make them work for an organization. The motivation of the employees can be the reason for the success of the organization. It will make level up for commitment; create the drive and energy that a companys workers bring to their role every day. Motivation is very important for improving and maintaining energy and zeal at the workplace. Motivation must be a way to keep their employees engaged. If employees work with full motivation then they can give their best result to the business. Less motivated employees do not give their best work and efficiency is also very low. There are distinct concepts of motivations; it includes personal motivation, based on needs, and many more. Motivation is very important at the workplace and for anything else. There are several theories about the importance of motivation such as Taylors theory about scientific management, Mayos theory of human relations; Maslows theory of needs, and many more. Here we will discuss the significance of motivation of employees. 



The significance of motivation 



Motivation is an integral part of the process of direction. While directing his subordinate, a manager must create and sustain in them the desire to work for the specific objected objectives. 



High productivity level 



No surprise implementing employees motivation techniques encourages people to work with full efficiency and give results in better revenue outcomes. However, several people do not about a productive way of working influences employees' experience, as it stimulates higher job satisfaction. 



High efficiency 



A good motivation system releases the immense untapped reservoirs of physical and mental capabilities. Several studies have shown that motivation plays a crucial role in determining the level of performance. Poorly motivated people do not give amazing results to organizations. By satisfying human needs motivation helps in increasing productivity. If the motivation is in a good direction then it will help in the better utilization of resources at a lower cost of operation. Therefore, the higher the level of motivation, the grate the degree of goal accomplishment. 



More innovation 



The organization needs to give rewards to their employees for innovative and good work. Another benefit of the rewards is growing the culture of innovation in the workplace. The appreciation will motivate workers to do innovative work with effective efficiency. Innovation mostly stimulates the growth of the business.



Decrease in the layoff of staff



Job satisfaction contributes to exceptionally high retention rates. When the employee is rewarded by the parks, as an additional incentive, they feel secure and motivated and are unlikely to look for other job options. Especially, if the job package of employees does not match that of other companies.  



Strong recruitment



The organization needs to understand the importance of employee motivation and how to increase employee motivation as well. It delivers exceptional employee experience and assists in making a strong internal brand. However, it does not happen overnight. An effective internal brand is the result of data-driven strategies that completely rely on employees feedback. In any business with established brand ambassadors, in another way, the happy and motivated staff both things help in retain and attract top talent. 



Better image 



A firm that provides opportunities for financial and personal advancement has a better image in the employment market. People prefer to work for an enterprise because of opportunities for development, and a sympathetic outlook. This helps in attracting qualified personnel and simplifies function.  



Facilities changes 



Effective motivation helps to overcome resistance to change and negative attitudes on the part of employees like the restriction of outputs. Satisfied workers take interest in new organizational goals, they accept changes that management wants to introduce to improve the efficiency of operation. 



Human relation



Effective motivation creates job satisfaction which results in cordial relations between the employees and employer. Industrial disputes, labor absenteeism, and turnover are reduced with consequents benefits to employees motivation. Motivation helps in solving the central problems of management and helps the ineffective use of human resources. Without motivation, employees may not put in their best efforts and may seek satisfaction with their needs outside the organization. 



Optimum use of resources 



The success of any organization depends upon the optimum use of resources. The utilization of resources is depending on the physical and mental of the employees. The effective uses of resources depend on the ability and will of the worker, the ability is not a problem but the necessity of will is lacking. Motivation is the main tool to strengthen the will of employees. Motivation is core of the management. It is the key to management into action. 



Facilitates direction 



Direction is an important component of any business. It helps in the creation and implementation of specific strategies for business. The help of motivation makes it easy to execute the strategy. Enthusiastic workforces will help to develop and innovate strategies for achieving the companys goals with effective management skills.






Often the role of motivation is underrated by leaders. But it is a powerful tool not only for the success of the business but also it establishes a successful career. I hope all the mentioned information about the motivation of employees will helpful for know about importance.  








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