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The role of spirituality in human resources

 Spirituality has influenced the existence of the human beings science the ancient civilization. Spirituality is significant effect on daily life of individuals. Modernization has brought in latest technology and techniques into the human life, but it is important to understand the midst of all the developments and transformation, spirituality has its own role to play. External luxuries and comforts are the short term and monetary satisfaction to people. Human wants are fulfilled one after another, but the need of internal peace, contentment, tranquillity and balanced is increasing. The internal peace will achieve after periodically efforts. It is result of the transformation and change any one made in their life. A systematic approach is essential in spiritually meets.

Work place is becoming more stressful because of the fast phase of growth and several other reasons behind the exhaustion and stress. The first seek of spirituality in the 1990 in which individuals demand to live their spiritual value at the work place. For maintaining the spirituality at the work place leader needs to accept this approach: increase the employees well- brings by boosting their morale, commitment and productivity; decrease the employees stress, burnout and work holism in the workplace. We will need to understand more about work place spirituality and meaning of the work place spirituality.

Meaning of the work place spirituality

The concept of the work place spirituality depends on the three thinks according to several authors.

  • The achievement of spiritual growth and advancement of human involve the mental growth for solving problems and learning will often be a vehicle of individual development.
  • Spiritual growth reflects the gratification of the human needs especially belongings and those things that give the satisfaction of achievement.
  • Spirituality at workplace is highly depending on communication, culture policies, work design, aura of work place, and many more.

Features of the spiritual at the work place

There are several attributes of spiritual within the context of work that are following.

  • Spirituality is about the individuals and organization seeking work as a spiritual path, as an opportunity to growth and to contribute to society in a meaning full way.
  • Spirituality is about the care, compassion, support of others, about the integrity and people being honest with others. These are important for the growth of business.
  • The spirituality is very important for the emphasizing social responsibility towards the community, society and business environment.
  • The idea of spirituality will to employees to connect with social commitment and to be touch with society. It is also realized to employees to adopt the changes in institutional frame work.
  • Spiritual at work place will help in balanced in between work life and personal life.  This is the point where the needs for workplace spirituality become important for creating better environment at the work place.

Advantages of workplace spirituality

There are several institutes have proved that work place spirituality is beneficial for not only institutions but also employees. Institutions try to maximize their capacity to do better in their approach towards clients, students and shareholders. Spirituality at workplace, employees put their heart in work and create interest in their work derive quality in their approach. There are several benefits of spirituality at work place which are listing below.

Purposeful work

The organization will become purpose driven and meaning based. Spirituality of employees mind will help to find purpose in their job. A spiritual mind will better understand the mission and purpose of the company. The clear and clam mind will create a goal that is beneficial to betterment of society, not just individual.

Improvement of performance

Employees perform better when the spirituality exists at workplace. The happier environment can churn out more meaningful work. They can put their heart and hard work into the business activities. They work with more efficiently. Employees are also wok before their due date when the spirituality is present in the work place. This will reason of lead to an overall improvement in the performance of the company.

Spiritual value

The spiritual value is including honesty, integrity, love, respect, confidence, self-discipline, and many more. Spiritual values are feeling that every one express. These are also very important attributes for great work performance. After all these are value enhance the character and make for a well rounded person. In the business these types of employees prefer more.

Role of spirituality in human resources development

Spirituality plays a vital role in the human resources development. The sustainable efforts will improve the productivity by quantity and quality of production has been the prime object of across the economic. The presence of the spirituality in training and development of employees that influence the organization is likely to focus on developing character, ethic, value, creativity in additional to focus on technical skill, training and development.

Better environment at work place

The negativity at the work place is affected the employees life and productivity as well. The better environment at work will help in the effective management in between the work life and personal life. It increases the morale, productivity, commitment, and many more things in employees.  And the spiritual employees can also create the better environment for work.     


Ultimately, spiritually is play very important role in not only personal life but also in business. it does a lot of good things at business. I hope you all the information is meaning full regarding spirituality how effective for business.                         






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