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What are the major steps of organizational development process?

 Organizational development is a strategy or an effort, which is planned and managed from the top, these plans changes in value and operations for increasing growth of organizational effectiveness. Development is a continuous process and it accommodates in itself many changes that occur in science and technology, economic, markets, political environment, education, knowledge, values, attitude, and many more. Organization development is continuous development and it can affect by the development process. The organizations have to change the beliefs, value and its structure to accommodate the new ideas, beliefs and new technologies for progress. Whenever, any changes in market and compulsion for new product development to remain competitive are instrument for organizational changes in the globalisation era, any organization. If the firms are not ready to accept such changes then it may to face extinction. Thus the continuous change is an organizational imperative, and only organizational development can facilitate such changes. There are a lot of benefits like building trust and confidence in organization, decision making ability, self confidence, and many more. Now, in this guide we will discuss how we take steps to develop an organizational development process.

Organizational development process

It is very complicated process and time consuming also. The minimum time is one year to develop this program and some time continues identifying. There are several different approaches to organizational development but the traditional process has seven steps. The seven steps are following.

Initial diagnosis

Before taking any step for development we need to identify the problem in the business. If the executives recognize the loopholes there in the business that inadequacies may correct by adopting organizational development activities. For implementing the solution, it requires the professional and competent people within the organization to plan and execute organizational development activities. Many companies and business higher consultants and they adopt various methods to identifying the diagnosis. It includes interview of employees, questionnaires, direct observation, analyse of documents and reports for diagnosing the problem.

Data collection

The survey method is one of the oldest method that used to collect the data information for determine the organizational climates and the identifying the behavioural problems. The consultants meet with employees and try to figure out the problems of business. Consulters ask question to employees regarding work, behaviour of leaders, managements, financial, and many more. These meetings will help to how many works are facing similar problems and making report according their answers.

Feedback of data and confrontation

Data collected are analyzed and reviewed by the various work groups formed for this purpose in order to mediate in the areas of disagreement or confrontation of ideas or opinion and to establishment of priorities. Basically feedback process will help to identifying the genuine problem of organization. This will help for which problem organization need confrontation for solution.

Selection and interventional design

The interventional refers the planned activities that are addressed by the system to accomplish desired changes for improvement of business. These planned activities can bring certain changes in the system, which have basic agenda of development organization. There may have several methods but the business select suitable intervention method and design.

Implementation of intervention

The select intervention should be implementing. Intervention may take the form of workshops, feedback of the data participants, group discussion, written exercise, on-the-job activities, redesign of control system, and many more. Intervention is very important step for improvement. Intervention activities are to be implemented steadily as the process is not a short, quick for organization. But it will help in achieve real and lasting changes in the attitude and behaviour of employees.

Action planning and problem resolving

The consulted groups and management groups prepare make specific action plan to solve the specific and identified problems by using data collection. It is one of the most important steps of organization development. Without any good strategy the identified problem cannot solve. Without problem solution growth is impossible for long time.

Team building

During the whole process the consultant emphasis on the examining how can establish an effective team work in the organization. The consultants encourage the employees throughout the process to form into the groups and teams by explaining the advantages of team work. The consultants educate the employees about effective communication and trust each other are essential for good communication. The consultants are divide employees into groups and arrange joint meetings with leader and subordination and teach them how they can work as effective team. 


This is the last step of organization development. It is very long process and also requires continuous careful monitoring to get precise feedback regarding their loopholes. Organizational development programs will helps in making modification whenever is required for business growth. The evolution programs will help to analyze re and post training, the benefits of critique session and hoe much these behaviours patterns are effective or not. Consulters encourages to employees to adopt whatever they learn from organizational development programs. These few steps can be reason of amazing growth organization.  


The organizational finally has to evaluate the OD program, find out their utility, and develop the programs further for correcting the deviations and improvement results. This process will help to find out the loopholes and adopt right strategy to resolve problems. Each every step is important because any step is skip that can effects the benefits of the organizational development.              




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