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The main types of creativity and trains for creativity

 Creativity is very important in every aspect. It is the reason for uniqueness and new idea. Thinking out of the box is a major element of creativity and it may be the reason for innovation and also helps to get a different level of business. There are different types of creativity, which makes it difficult to define. Creativity comes from original thoughts, divergent thinking, problem-solving, inspiration, and imagination.  

Divergent thinking 

Divergent thinking moves away from traditional thinking, and convergent thinking, which is linear and analytical. It is used for finding the correct answer. On the other hand, it is nonlinear and spontaneous. Rather than finding the correct answer, it is looking for multiple answers for addressing one problem. Barnstorming, predicting, and imagination activities are good examples of divergent thinking. People can increase the ability of divergent thinking by implementing open-ended questions rather than a closed questions. Moving towards divergent thinking may not be comfortable for analytical thinkers, but practice will soon help creativity develop. 


It is possible to remove problems through creative thinking. This requires to look problems differently and unique way rather than following the same principle for every problem. There are a few steps to a creative problem solution require. 

  • View the problem in different ways. 
  • Do not assume that all similar projects or problems are the same. 
  • Be open to adopting different solution methods for removing problems. 
  • Look at the bigger picture when addressing and analyzing the problem. 
  • Keep finding the ways for the solution if the solution is not finding. 

Inspiration and imagination 

Inspiration and imagination are essential for creativity. Webster defines imagination as the ability to recombine the material furnished by experience or memory, for the accomplishment of an elevated purpose; the power of conceiving and expression the idea. In the modern world, it is easy to ignore the development of the imagination, but this is done with your determination. Exercising imagination is necessary to improve creativity. There are various ways to improve imagination. 

  • Reading is the main component for improving imagination. 
  • Expose yourself to new experiences and influences. This will help to think and give the wide prospect of every aspect.     
  • The constant thinking about the problem such as daydream and meditation. 

Inspiration is what prompts creativity. Inspiration provides the motivation that helps people to believe they can or should do something creative, or inspiration can be an idea that comes suddenly inspiration is different for different people. There are ways to improve inspiration, which we will address in a later module.

Traits for creativity 


Highly creative achievers are naturally restless. They tend to be easily bored and may even be accused of being hyper. This restlessness comes from being extremely open and also from their intense interest in having new experiences. They do not function well in routine or mundane work environment because their mind naturally wanders. For this reason, it is fundamental to their happiness and success to be constantly involved in challenges or with the project which excites and drives them. 

Out of the box thinkers 

Creative achievers are creators, not followers. They do not enjoy following people, ideas, reputations, or success. Highly creator achiever creates their ideology and believes in self and rarely takes any time off. They are known for exhausting themselves until they have released all their creative energy and put it fully into the project at hand. Highly creative achievers are known to use both sides of their brains to process information in an integrated fashion, which gives them an innovation edge. 


Creative achievers are compelled to act on what they are curious about. They prefer to seek out and learn new thinking, and they enjoy the thrill of processing the emotions of anxiety, fear, and excitement with great regulation. Curiosity is very important for creating a sense of wonder and imagination which has been linked with the development of true happiness. Because it opens to new experiences and increases the possibility to create something innovative. It helps people more induce to discover deeper meaning and relevance of their life. 

Disregard rules 

Creative people do not follow the crowd because they feel if they follow the crowd they will lose their creativity. There many times their actions are criticized by the people, and they try to bring down them but them persistently to be fearless in their pursuits. At some point, creative thinkers face ups and downs in their careers. But most creative people achieve their careers by breaking rules and making other records in their life.

Work independently

Creative thinkers are deeply connected with their authentic nature and ambition, which inevitably leads to their independence, growth, happiness, and wholeness. They have no fear of challenges or struggles because they know if they want growth then they will go through challenges and difficulties for their desired goals. In the pursuit of their freedom, these people independently discover their destiny. 

Bold risk-takers 

Highly creative achievers are bold to take risk-takers. They dare to take risks in their life for the achievement of goals. It makes them happy and they believe in experiments with their ideas and trial and error process. They learn from their mistakes and use their wisdom and bravery effectively to execute their desired goals. This risk taking ability make them different from the crowd.  






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