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Role of technology in the education system

 It is hard to deny the fact that education today is majorly facilitated by technology. Technology is having a vivid role in the educational sector. Now the international society for education is also promoting the role of technology in the education sector. The role of technology in education has increased after the pandemic time. Though, before the pandemic, the technology was incorporated into education and its prevalence increased several folds after learning from home during the pandemic crisis time.

There are several important roles of technology in education that includes the promotion of an effective educational system, enabling students to learn better in engaging method, better communication as well as collaboration between the teachers and the students, more resources for the teachers, learning at own pace, and many more.

Promotes an effective educational system

Technology is undoubtedly resulted in the advancement of the education system and promoted the effectiveness of the education system. The introduction of technology like smart boards and other digital resources has impacted the overall promotion and the development of the learning of the students. The technology helps the students in better learning and understanding the learning concepts using the digital resources and helps from the online tutor/ mentor.

The most important role of education in the education system is that it helped in making education accessible. Now students from any part of the world can attend any university or educational organization situated in other parts of the world and gain information and knowledge. The technology helped much allowing the students to learn based on their own time preferences. For example, if the student is having a job in the daytime, they can continue their study in the nighttime or any spare time at their own pace. This is how the technology facilitated the improvement in the effectiveness of the education system.

Better engagement with the technology-driven education system

The use and introduction of technology in the education system have made it much more interesting and engaging for the students. As the students and kids, these days are more interested in operating digital devices and technical devices the implementation of technology in the education system has made it interesting and engaging for the students.             

Better learning with the technology-driven education system

As technology helps in making the education system more engaging, it resulted in better learning for the students as well. The online guidance from the educator and the tutor helps in better understanding the students. Further, the video lectures can help the student for future reference. The video lectures help the students to re-understand the particular topic in the future again. Also, the online notes and the study material in the form of PDF and other documents also facilitate the easy learning of the student.

Improved communication and the collaboration

The technology implementation in the education system has to lead to improved communication and the collaboration of the tutor and the learner. In the online classes, the educator gets the option of focusing on the individual student, monitoring their performance using specific tools, and better communicating and collaborating with the students. There are several tools and applications that help in managing the communication and collaboration of the educator with the students (Kyaw et al., 2019).

Better monitoring of the performance of the students

The evaluation of the academic performance using the application helps in better analyzing the students. The technology application helps in better monitoring the performance and tracking the academic improvement of the students.

Learning at your own pace

Now the students are no more required to keep up the pace of the learning as in the traditional class room. The student can increase or decrease their learning as per their pace with the online video lectures and other resources.

More online resources for the teachers

The teachers with the help of the online education system and technology get the advantage of accessing multiple online resources including books, notes; online lectures from other teachers, etc for better understanding and thus explaining the topics to the students. Further, the online resources also help the teachers in identifying new and engaging strategies for better explaining particular concepts.

Customized learning opportunities

The advantages associated with the implementation of the technology in learning are not limited to efficient and better learning, but it also promotes opportunities for customized learning. The student with the implementation of the technology in education gets the option of customizing their learning preferences and teaches the subjects they are interested in. They can search for their preferred topic and learn online right from the convenience of their home.

Better understanding through graphics

The implementation of the technology has advanced the level of the education system and the learning methods as well. Now the educators using the online technological and IT tools are implementing the graphics in the learning concepts in order for making them more understandable to the students. The incorporation of the graphics in the learning is making it more interesting and better understandable. The implementation of the graphics, sound effects, animation effects, etc using the technology is making the topic more interesting and engaging for the students, especially the kids/ primary standard students.

Save time and money

Technology is no doubt helped in saving much time and money in the education system. The current education system with digitalization is way cheaper as it allows the educational facilities to more students from different parts of the world at comparatively lower prices.


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