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Why chain’s crumbling real estate sector has an edge on the world?

 Chain’s real estate sector is again grabbing the attention of global investors because it is facing a heavy crisis in the property market chain. Chain’s home buyers are losing their patience as the country’s real state crisis threatens to lose its control. Hundreds of thousands of home investors are refused to pay mortgage amounts to unfinished or stalled housing projects. They start a mortgage boycott. 

There are several reports of real states published on 18 July, this situation has been seen in more than 80 cities and 200 projects had faced the crisis of stopping mortgage payments. The amount of mortgage hampered the development of the chain because the amount is around 2 trillion Yuan according to analysts at GF security co. and Deutsche Bank AG. Property investors have collapsed by nearly 60 percent compared to last year, the current year's situation became the worst in the history of china. On the other hand, several analysts expect property sales dropped by 25 percent from January to June along with the zero COVID case strategy. Many property developments have halted because they face a shortage in capital to finish construction. 

Now the situation became worst in china, the real sates developers are getting desperate to attempt to sell homes at whatever sales prices. They are accepting down payments in wheat, garlic, watermelons, and peaches to cater to farmers. 

The market holding of real state chain 

There is a lot of money invested in the chain’s real states. The investment is made by not only the leader but also middle-class man that has put significant money tied to the property market. There is around 7o percent of the nation’s household wealth stored in the property, along with 30 to 40 percent of bank loans book also. According to economists, the local government also holds the revenue from the land sale. 

A working paper published by the national bureau of economic research in 2020. According to that report estimation chain’s real estate sector accounted for 29 percent of the GDP. It is about $4 trillion out of a $14 trillion economy. 

In this situation, there is suffering not only in the middle class but also among several big leaders also. There are credit ratings cut sharply. The big concern about debt repayment has also arisen heavily. 

Indication of three red lines for the chain’s real estate market 

There are several guide lines introduced for better management of the heavy lever raged sector in august 2020. Government introduces the rule that is called three red lines. Three red lines refer to the limited borrowing of real estate firms. According to the tree red line developers need to maintain the three guides which are listed below. 

Developers need to maintain a 70 % debt to asset ratio or lower. 

100% maintain the cap on net debt to equity. 

Developers have enough cash capital in hand to satisfy short-term borrowings, debts, and liabilities. 

If the developers do not maintain these guides then the capability of developers will reduce to take the risk on additional debts. However, there are many reports comes that revealed many firms were using various tactics to take debts. There are many times disguised debts as equity in comparison with the three red line policy. After the investigation, chains of local government debts were listed as account around$ 4 trillion. It is estimated that there is a lot of loss hidden by the global. It can be more than half of the country’s GDP.

What is the impact on the global fallout? 

a major distortion real estate market chain has triggered an alarm bell for the all-around world. It still acts as the manufacturing hub of the world. if the chain’s economy falters then the nations all around also suffer from the slower and more expensive exports. 

Chain is the leader in electronic items and semiconductor manufacture. It has already stalled various sectors such as auto, consumer electronics, and many more sectors also open due to COVID. 

The chain also plays the role of the creditor for developing nations. Many developing nations are depending on the chain's products and infrastructure products also it will be a hard hit for those nations. The government of the chain has sponsored various projects under the belt and road initiatives. Many projects are unfinished such as building sites, highways, power generation, and so on. Thus, if the chain faced a crisis then the whole world also suffer from the slow growth. The real estate crisis will affect the economy. It will also hamper the growth of other sectors such as supply chain, infrastructure, manufacturing, electronic items, and many more. After all the chain’s economy is one of the largest economies in the world. 



Here in this guide, I mentioned all about the crisis of the chain’s real estate. I hope this information will help you understand the situation of the chain’s economy. Mentioned how it will affect the world economy.     











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