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Why is the management committee required for the management of the business?

 The management committee refers to the group of people who make the decision for effective an organization's operation. The assigned authorities are accountable for the business activities under their committee. Every assigned committee should provide their leadership in the organization. The committee leaders also take part in the decision-making, monitoring the activities, and measuring the performance of the business. In this guide, we will discuss the nature and scope of committee management and tasks of the management committee, and the responsibility of the management committee. 

Nature and scope of the committee in management 

The committee plays a vital role in the business executing the desirable goals of the business. Business accomplishes committee for various purposes and the nature of a committee also relies on the purpose of the committee. However, the general scope of the committee will discuss in this guide. 

Function and formalities of committees 

Committees can be involved in managerial functions or not. There are many committees made in business so the function of the committee also depends on the committee. Some committee takes part in decision-making while other may receive information, on the other hand only some of them have authority. Committees are also formal or informal. A formal committee is formed without any delegation of authority and this type of committee is tope level of executives and they performed particular problem. The formal committee is the main part of the organization structure with the specific duties and responsibilities.

On another hand, the informal committee is not a permanent part of business, they are appointed by the top authority for a particular reason in business. 

Role of committee members  

Members play a certain role in any type of committee. Committee members distribute their work among the committee like some person providing the required information, research, execution, monitoring on the performance, marketing strategy, and much more work. Some of them play an aggressive role in the business while others will co-operate in the group, and resolve all the disagreements.

Broader use of committee 

The committee plays a crucial role in the modern area of business. Committees are in all kinds of organizations like government, non-government, autonomous, and many more. The board of directors of business is also considered a committee. In the all business or non-business sector there are several committees usually seen like grievance committee, salary and wages committee, change committee, the planning committee, and other various committees also in position for many other reasons. 

Most important tasks of the committee 

The boards and committees exist for the same purpose. There are several tasks that need to perform by the committee.

  1. The committee makes the strategy for business, programs, and services that the organization provides to the consumer. 
  2. The committee performs for overseeing the maintenance and development of the organization's facilities. 
  3. Businesses can make a particular committee for the hiring of key personnel involved in service delivery for example coaches, grounds staff, bar staff, and many more. 
  4. Committee offers the development of policies that safeguarded the quality of programs. 
  5. Businesses make a committee for solving financial problems like raising funds from the government, commercial sponsorship, or traditional fundraising activities. 
  6. Committee provides services for promoting the organization for attracting consumers. 
  7. The committee creates and maintains communication systems to ensure the member is aware of forthcoming events, programs, and services. 
  8. The committee monitors the manufacturing process in the business. 

Responsibility of the management committee 

Every community organization has played as governing body, a group of people who manages its affairs. If an organization makes a committee then they expect that committee will take part actively in the business. 

The role of the committee is to manage the association in accordance with the purpose or objects as stated in its rules. The committee needs to fulfill its responsibility. There are several responsibilities of the committee towards the business that is following. 

  1. The committee needs to communicate its goals and purpose to community members because without communication committee is not able to achieve a desirable goal. 
  2. The management committee should accountable for everything the organization does, including its daily operating activities. The committee is also responsible to the member of the organization and other authority members as well. 
  3. The committee needs to consider its relevant legal responsibility. It required the committee to consider all the guidelines around the uncertainties.
  4. The management committee ensures the financial situation of the business like property and uses of financial resources properly, cash flow, and many more related to finance. 
  5. The management committee plays an employer role so the committee must ensure about the policies and procedures are in place for staff. The committee needs to support and encourage staff for better work for business.  







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