Branding process of product

 Branding is creating for corporate brand identify for consumer, and getting that brand identify imprinted on the mind of not only consumers but also competitors as well. For making brand business require brand positioning and brand management. Branding is one of the most important decision that taken by the businesses of their products. In the branding product will marked under a brand name or a generic name. Generic name is refers to the name that is identifying for the whole class of product. For example, books brand, toilet soaps, cameras, etc. we all know cameras made by the lens and plastics or steel from the all side and having different features in the cameras such as flash gun and so on. But all products having these characteristics would be known as generic name such as camera. If the product is sold by generic name then it would be very difficult to differentiate with competitors in the market. So business wants to create their brand for the product that gives different identity to consumer along with separate name. The process of making brand is involves giving name, symbol, and sign, and so on. There are various terms related to branding that is following.


Brand is refers to name, term, sign, symbol, design, and the combination of various these things also. These thing is used for the identifying the product and goods or services. This thing makes a product difference from the other similar products. For example Bata, lifebuoy, Colgate, and many more, these are brand sell by their name and consumers know many different brands also. brand is comprehensives term because it contain two important component that is brand mark and brand mark.

Brand mark

The brand mark refers to logo or design, any symbol that is recognized  by the consumers and market also. there are many brands use different symbol, design, or logo used for their brands such as I phone use the apple use as logo, the gattu of the Asian paints, devil of onida, and many other brands are exist with their logos.

Brand name

Brand name can be spoken by the name particular product that is called brand name. There are various products have their name and they recognized by their name. In simple word it is verbal component of the brand, for example meggie, safola, Bata, rebook, uncle chips, and so on.  

Trade mark

A brand name and part of the brand that is given for the legal protection to brand that called trade mark. This protection does not allow to other firms to use brand name without the brand owners permission. Business needs to register brand and get exclusive right for its use.

Although, the branding of products increase cost of labeling, packaging, legal protection and promotion. It provides various benefits to sellers as well the consumer. Let us discuss about advantages of the branding.

Advantages of branding to marketers 

There are various benefits of branding to marketers that are following.

  • Product differentiation: brands help to firms in distinguishing its products from their competitors. This enables to them secure and control on the market for its products.
  • Advertisement and display: brands can easily promote in effective manner. Without the brand name business can advertisement to promote for their generic name, they cannot able to secure their sale of the product.
  • Pricing: brands allows to firms to charge different price from their generic products. This possible when the demand of the brand high and consumers like then do not mind the price and they will pay little higher.
  • Easy introduction and create awareness of new product: if any business want launch new product under the established brand then it enjoys the glory of the brand and it can start excellent start. For example,  the Maggie, it expand its products and their name to several products like Maggie tomato ketchup, Maggie misala,  soups, etc. similarly, there are many other brands also do.

Advantages to consumers of branding

There are many benefits of brands to consumers also that are listing.

    • Product identification: consumers can easily identify the product form their brand. If a person is satisfied with the particular brand of product then he will purchase and not require the close inspection every time. Brand is allowing repeat purchase of the particular brand.
    • Ensure quality: branding of products provide ensuring about the quality of product. Whenever, when the consumer fined any deviation in the product quality then they can reach to manufacturers and the marketer. This will build the trust and satisfaction of consumers.
    • Status symbol: some brands are able to increase the standard of the people and they became status symbol. These products brand feel proud of using them and add additional level of stratification.
    • Easy reach: consumers can easily reach to their desired brand. The stores of brands are available to every city and e-commerce side so consumers do not require too many choices of different brands. They can easily find their desired product with desired brand also. 

Bottom lines

We discussed about the brand, what it includes two component brand name and brand design. I mentioned the how branding is beneficial for the consumers as well market also. I hope this piece of information will help to the importance of branding and how it create a different name in the market also.