Interrelation between the business intelligence and business analysis

 Business intelligence is refers to process of using the information and the large database for managing their regular manage mental operation in organization. The organizers and other authority in the business higher the business intelligence tool for collecting the data regarding for current operation in order to maximizing their work flow in the business. These tools will help organization make more data driven decision for better management. Business intelligence includes work of transactional data, existing and historical. Earlier, business intelligence involves the calculation statics sales, profits, and employees’ attendance reports. But now vendors offer business intelligence as a separate profession that will track internal operation and calculate effectively with proper analysis of workflows such as marketing, sales and support. It includes the data mining, data visualization, descriptive analysis, performance metrics, querying, statistial analytics, and other related tools. Business intelligence is help to respond the consumer grievance by monitoring social media comment, feedback on their websites and support chats and emails and many other options also their. Using these data they can prepare future planning with solving the present problem that facing by the consumers. 

Modern world, there is a lot improvement in the technology. Business intelligence tools drive independent insight generation by providing self-analysis capabilities, secure and reliable platform, and data monitoring facilities. Business can derive  with help of business intelligence automatic way such as information from the spared sheet software, online analysis process, data mining solution, and many more, these tools will help to report the problem and help in effective strategy also.      

Business analysis      

 On the other business analytics are statistical based tools being use for the prosperity and development of business. The business analysts and the data professionals investigate the data for understanding the market trend and consumer demand. Business analytics includes techniques such as data mining, scenario analysis, statistical model, and other also. It will help in analysis data effectively and make strategy for the betterment of the organization. There are several companies offer business analysis tools for analyzing the situation in many sectors such as healthcare, aviation, hospitality, financial accounting, information technology, and other business domains also. Business analysis works for monitoring data and make improvement if any changes occur.