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Renewable energy

 Renewable energy is referring to energy that drives by natural sources. This replenishes at a higher rate than their consumption. Sunlight and wind are great examples of renewable energy, such energy never gone end. There are several types of renewable energy which are used distinctly. Let us look at this renewable energy and its use. 

  • Solar energy: solar energy is getting in abundance amount. Sunlight is the most important source of solar energy. The rate of consumption is 10000 times less than the rate of receiving solar energy. Solar energy can deliver heat, cooling, natural lighting, electricity, fuel, and many more. Solar technology transforms sunlight into electricity either through photovoltaic panels or through mirrors that work with solar radiation. Several nations are working to make solar energy more affordable and it can be the cheapest source of getting electricity. 
  • Wind energy: wind energy gets from the kinetic energy of moving air by using large wind turbines located in remote areas or near the sea. Earlier, wind energy is not used potentially, but in the last few decades, it evolved tremendous way. Many nations adopt this technology for getting maximum electricity with taller turbines and large rotor diameters. 
  • Geothermal energy: geothermal energy is utilizing the accessible thermal energy from the earths interior. It is process heat is an extract from the geothermal reservoirs using wells or the means. Reservoirs that are naturally sufficiently hot and permeable are known as hydrothermal reservoirs. These hydrothermal reservoirs are naturally hot but are can enhance their energy with hydraulic stimulation which is called enhanced geothermal systems. 
  • Hydropower: Hydropower harnesses the energy from the moving water. It can be generated from reservoirs and rivers. These hydropower plants depend on stored water in reservoirs, while the ruing water of rivers hydropower plants harnesses energy from the available flow of the river. Hydropower is used for multiple purposes such as proving drinking water, water for irrigation, navigation services, controlling flood and droughts, and many more.      
  • Ocean energy: Ocean energy is driven by technology that generates energy from the seawater and current by using kinetic and thermal technology.  


  • Bioenergy is produced by the number of organic materials such as wood, charcoal, dung, and other manures for heat and power production. Mostly, the use of Bioenergy in rural areas for cooking, lighting, space heating, and many more purposes. Several undeveloped nations also use these sources of energy. Biomass energy contains crops or trees, residues from agriculture and forestry, and various organic wastes stream also there in the modern biomass system.

These are the types of the renewable energy sources that are highly promoting by the global level for reducing the emission of carbon based energy. There are several leaders are talking about the benefits of the renewable energy sources. Lets discuss about advantages of the renewable energy.      

Benefits of the renewable energy  

There are multiple advantages of renewable energy over fossil fuels. Here are some top benefits of renewable energy that are listed below. 

Abundance in renewable energy: renewable energy technologies use the resources that are straightly available from nature and generate the power or energy. These energy sources contain sunlight, wind, water, biomass, and many more. Renewable sources are never run out as compared to fossil fuel energy. Fossil fuel sources have limited resources and are difficult to obtain. The cost of fossil fuel is very high and it also impacts the environment. 

Lower maintenance required: renewable energy technologies are not required high maintenance in comparing traditional uses. This is because renewable energy includes a solar panels, wind turbines, and many more. These tools do not require high maintenance. A few technologies require maintenance in terms of more time and money saves. 

Cheapest energy: using renewable energy can assist in money saving. These sources are beneficial not only for the money saving but also low maintenance required. For example, solar panels use sunlight the generate energy, and some use wind, water, and many more. These are available easily at a low cost. On the other hand, the maintenance and operating cost is depending on the technology itself. 

Environment beneficial: Zero carbon discharge is the most significant benefit of renewable energy. It is less harmful to the environment and more beneficial in every aspect. Fossil fuel energy emits a large number of greenhouse gases, which have resulted to exacerbate the rise in the temperature of the environment. It also impacts the health of people. On the other hand, renewable energy is eco-friendly and prevents pollution. Thus, this is the most beneficial for the atmosphere and health. 

New job opportunity: the governments of several nations are promoting renewable energy sources. Governments are very ambitious with carbon reduction goals. There are several policies also implemented for attracting people to work on renewable sources. This will promote several new jobs. Many nations are taking the advantage of generating new job opportunities such as America is one of the renewable sectors that provide three times more jobs as compared to fossil fuels. It will benefit not only the climate but also the economic growth. 


In this article, we discussed the importance of renewable energy sources and the types of renewable sources. This provides information on how it is effective and beneficial for health. There are several benefits as mentioned. I hope this piece of information is valuable and promote more use of renewable energies on daily bases.      












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