Top seven nature principles of management

 Nature refers to the qualities and attributes of anything. Principle contains general prepositions, which are applicable when certain contributions are present. These are developed on the basis of observation and experiment as well. It is depending on the personal experiences of the manager also. it also depends on how they are derived and how effective they can explain and predict managerial behavior well. The development of management can be an art and science also. The deviation of the management can be science but the execution of management can be a form of art. These principles are learnable and create a disciplined environment at a business place. Management principles have gained importance and increased the professionalization of management. These principles have the power to guild the managers to take action appropriate. Principle denotes a cause and effect relationship, while functions of management help to plan, organize, staff, direct, and controlling to actions taken while practicing management. The most important work of the principles is taking decisions while performing these functions. There are several natures of management principles that are summarized in the following points. 

Universal applicable 

The principle of management is almost same for the all types of business as well non-business, organization, small business, and large business, public business, and private business also, manufacturing business, retail business, and other types of business also. However, the applicability of the management principle is depending on the business, and business activities as well. The principle of management is the same as the similar kind of business like a manufacturing business produce in bulk so they divide their task into the small task and perform every day similar this strategy is applicable for the government business also. this principle is applicable to those companies where the department of the company separate like the production department, market department, data analysis department, sales department, and many other departments also present. The extent of division of work is varying from case to case also. 

General guidelines 

The principle of management is a guide to actions but does not provide any accurate solution to the managerial problem. The situations of businesses are very complex and dynamic. But the principle of management is not underestimated because every small guideline has the potential to solve the problem. For example, if the business faces conflict in two departments then the manager can emphasize the goal of the business and solve the conflict effectively. So every small guideline is important to solve the major issues

Principles are made from the practice and experiments 

The principle of management is formed by the different practices and experiments of managers also well. The business adopts different methods to solve problems and then makes policies according to the ability to the solution of problems. For example, if a manufacturing business face problem of stress at work then they will adopt different activities that may reduce the physical and mental stress of the employees. But the principle is not made in one practice, it takes time and experiment of wisdom management. 


The principle of management does not to be rigid in nature. The principle should be flexible and easy to modify whenever required in favor of the business. Principles give direction to managers and provide enough discretion to do so. There are several situations when businesses face a different problem, in this case, the business can not adopt a single policy to solve the problem so they need to modify time to time whenever the demand of business. According to the expert manager, they always give their theories and flexibility is the common principle in these theories. 

Mainly behavioral 

Management principle requires the influence behavior of human beings. The manager should be adopted mainly behavior in the management. Managers can influence the workers to work hard for the desired goals of the business or any organization. This principle is very important for a better understanding of the relationship between human and material resources in accomplishing the organizational purpose. 

Establishing cause and effect relationship  

This is the most important principle of the management that establishes a relationship between cause and effect so that they can use it in a similar situation in a large number of cases. It is assumed that a particular principle was applied in a particular situation, and the principle of management is not effective in comparison to human behavior. It is possible theory only; in a real situation, it is not possible to establish the relation between cause and effect.

On the other hand, the cause and effect relationship can establish to some extent, therefore it is important and useful in the situation. In situations of emergency, businesses can take advantage of this situation and others can follow that. This principle is advisable in the situation of cross-functional expertise, for setting up a new startup, and other situations also. 


The applicability of the principle of management is contingent and relies on a particular point in time. The applicability of the principle is keep changing according to the requirement. There are many things in general businesses take decisions according to the situation and take appropriate action. 

Bottom lines 

We discussed the inherent qualities and features of the management principle. It is easy to adopt all these principles but there are a lot of cases where we need to decisions according to the situation. These are the general features of the management principle and are applicable to every business.